River Bend Farm

We Provide Quality Skin Care With Our Goat's Milk Soap and Cream

About Us

Family Owned Farm

River Bend Farm is a small family owned business. Everyone in our family contributes to our farm and skincare business in an essential way.  We are proud to say that everything from maintaining the farm to making and marketing the products are done by our family.

Handmade Products

River Bend Farm skin care products are made one batch at a time in our kitchen with fresh goat milk and high quality oils.  Not only does our soap smell good but it is moisturizing and long-lasting.  Our cream is thick and luxurious, never greasy.  It soaks right into your skin feeding it with healthy nutrients. Happy Chappy, our lip balm, is moisturizing and comes in a variety of unique scents.  

The Best Quality For YOU!

Our products are pure and basic. We stick with the ingredients we know are perfect for your skin. Truly, we believe there is nothing better to treat your skin with.

Our Farm

River Bend Farm is a small family run farm in the northwest corner of New Mexico on the Colorado/ New Mexico border.  We are a family of six who all pitch in to help care for the land and the animals.  On our seven acres we have a large vegetable and flower garden and an orchard with a variety of fruit trees and grape vines.  We have a small herd of handsome dexter cows, a flock of pretty chickens, a few sweet dairy goats, three playful barn cats and a yellow lab that loves nothing more than chasing sticks in the river.